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TCB Training and Consulting is devoted to the reduction of bullying violence for youth, adults, and seniors.  Bullying has a substantial negative impact on the lives of individuals who are targeted by this form of violence.  Our professional experiences and the research confirms that bullying extends across every range of human development.  From pre-school to senior care, bullying can rear its ugly head making individuals miserable and robbing them of their dignity.  Our goal is to provide the training and expertise necessary to help your organization prevent and respond to bullying using best practices. These practices are derived not only from evidence-based studies, but also from our 30+ years of experience working directly in the field of education and mental health. As innovators in the field of bullying prevention, we have created unique materials and techniques to help our clients and the people they serve. TCB Training and Consulting is dedicated to helping you achieve an environment that permits your students, staff, and residents feel safe, secure, empowered and respected.

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