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Workplace Bullying is defined as a “repeated, health harming, mistreatment: sabotage by others that prevented work from getting done through verbal abuse, threatening conduct, intimidation, and humiliation,” (WBI) It is a non-physical form of violence. Workplace bullying's abusive nature causes both emotional and stress-related physical harm. Workplace Bullying violence results from it's ability to stay hidden while in plain view. Essential to preventing it, is what owners, executives, employees and boards do when it is brought to their attention.

• 1 in 6 people experience Workplace Bullying
• Bullies target competent, ethical, and honest employees
• Productivity decreases as bullying increases

• Bullying effects 53.5 million working Americans

• It takes double the salary to replace valuable employees​

A healthy work environment is the key to a successful business 

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