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I Can Problem Solve (ICPS): Ages 4-12
-Half day Seminar (may be broken into three 1 hour sessions, if requested)
-Full day Training
-2 Day Workshop
-Follow-up Consultation

Olweus Bullying Prevention Program: Ages 5-18
-2 day Core Team Training
-1 day Staff Training
-3 hour Refresher Seminar
-Informational Seminars from 1 to 3 hours
-Follow-up Consultation

Workplace Bullying: All levels of employees 
-2 Hour Seminar
-Half day Seminar
-Full Day Workshop
-Follow-Up Consultation

Senior Bullying: All levels of Employees
-2 Hour Seminar
-Half Day Seminar
-Senior Pro-Social Meetings
-Follow-up Consultation

*Customized training and consultation available to meet the organization's unique needs

A detailed outline and cost of each seminar/workshop available upon request. Contact us.

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